Birds Of A Feather

This post is a little different than the others.  We do more than just sheep. 

Since we finally got the new front fence up last year, this year we needed to add some bird boxes.  Peterson nest boxes have been our bird box of choice for quite a few years. 

Peterson Blue Bird Nest Box  Peterson Front Peterson

You can find plans for them on line. 

So we are trying something new this year, how many feet between boxes and will the birds still use them. 

I have set up tweleve boxes about sixty feet apart. 

Front Fence

I think they will all be used, Laura says probably not. 

Last year we had some boxes less than twenty feet apart and they were filled all summer.

In addition to the peterson boxes we are also making some owl nest boxes.
Owl Nest Box

This is a new project for us. 

During this winter we found that a few of our apple trees, that have been planted for some time now, were girdled, by some yet unidentified rodent.

Summer Rambo   Prairie Fire Crabapple 

 Tara and Emma have caught a few and we are trying to ID them, so far they could be southern bog lemmings, or common voles.  Hopefully, by adding some owls to our farm it will reduce our rodent population.  As with everything else on our farm, we would rather use a natural control, than a chemical control.

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