The Suffolk Color:


Their color is chestnut, ranging in shade from light golden to dark liver. White markings occur, but in general are not as prominent as in other breeds, most of them being confined to a star or snip and white ankles or fetlocks. No other color is tolerated or is admissible to registry in the Stud Book. The beauty of the Suffolk is best summed up in the words of the writer, Marguerite Henry, when she said:

“His color is bright chestnut–like a tongue of fire against black field furrows, against green corn blades, against yellow wheat, against blue horizons. Never is he any other color.”


If you are contemplating the buying of a draft horse where utility, beauty of conformation and uniformity in type are desired, please visit one of out breeders where these versatile horses are being both shown and used to perform the agricultural tasks for which they were breed.

This information is from the American Suffolk Horse Association website.

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