Heritage Apple Trees – Scion Wood For Sale – Grafting Supplies

We Will No Longer Be Taking Orders 

For Apple Scion Wood For 2018.

Thank you to everyone who ordered.  All orders will be shipped on 2/26/2018.

If you haven’t placed your order please do so as soon as possible as we are running out of scion wood.  All orders must be received by 2/28/2018.

All scions must be kept moist and in your refrigerator until ready to graft.

Change paper towels as needs to prevent molding.

Email me with any questions.  satyrfenfarm@gmx.com

Thank you for your continued patronage.


Heritage Apples

(Not all trees listed below are available as scion wood, look at order form for availability)

Ashmead’s Kernel             Black Oxford                      Chestnut

Cortland                              Cox Orange Pippin           Dabinett

Esopus Spitzenburg          Fallawater                          Golden Russet

Gravenstein                         Grimes Golden                   Harrison

Hewes Virginia Crab         King David                         Kingston Black

Liberty                                  Macintosh                           Macoun

Magnum Bonum                Mother                                Newton Pippin

Norfolk Beefing                  Northern Spy                     Opalescent

Pitmaston Pineapple         Pome Gris                           Red Limbertwig

Redfield                               Rhode Island Greening   Roxbury Russet

Smokehouse                        Snow/ Fameuse                 Summer Rambo

Sweet 16                               Virginia Beauty                  Wealthy

Wickson                               Winesap                               Wolf River


Non-Heritage Apples


Flowering Crabapples



Atlantic Queen                    Comptesse Clara Frijs         Summer Crisp


Madison                                Red Haven


Mount Royal                         Seneca


Hall’s Hardy Almond

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